Why PredicAire?

PredicAire was born out of the frustrations of a highly fragmented care sector where growing pressures prevent staff from providing a holistic approach to care for their residents.

Our team has taken its own experiences of care as family members and users of care services, employees, and business owners, and combined this know-how to bring the only Ai powered one stop solution which is affordable, user-friendly and simple to onboard.​​​​​​

What is PredicAire?

PredicAire is the first holistic care management software powered by Ai ​that provides its users with:

  • Structured real-time data of the ​whole home, including person centred insights on residents’ health and wellbeing which helps to predict and prevent unnecessary outcomes.
  • Seamless cloud-based single data ecosystem, which gives everything needed in one place, including access via desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Connects various parts of the home seamlessly with zero duplication of data inputs.
  • GDPR compliant and a fully secure platform.
  • Works across a range of care sectors including: residential care, nursing homes, complex care including learning disabilities and home care.

Care Reimagined

Watch how PredicAire could help you reimagining your care business

Better Data

Better Data
Better Outcomes


Seamless, comprehensive information means better care

Enhance Wellbeing

Enhance Residents'
Health and Wellbeing


Our Ai technology will enable staff to spot trends and changes in residents’ health quickly.

Comprehensive CMS Solution

Comprehensive CMS


The first Ai powered digital solution, providing better outcomes for residents and staff

Convert Paper to Digital

Convert Paper Records
to Digital


All key records will be in one place, easy to access and inspection-ready!

Who benefits from using PredicAire?

We provide owners, registered care home and compliance managers with actionable insights that assists in delivering outstanding care.

We empower carers and nurses to go digital with our seamless onboarding. Going digital means record-keeping is efficient, avoiding duplication and allowing more time to be allocated to caring and spending time with residents.

Often forgotten key departments such as the maintenance and kitchen teams will benefit from improved communications and focus on tasks at hand.

Our holistic system is interoperable between the care setting and health services. Health professionals will benefit from quick seamless access to accurate records which could be life-saving in emergencies.

Start enhancing your care service today with PredicAire

Our specialist care intelligence system can offer instant results and efficiency

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