Future Care Capital’s webinar: Technology and Transformation

This month Future Care Capital (FCC) hosted the fourth instalment in its care technology webinar series. The webinar, titled ‘Residential Care: Technology and Transformation’ explored the technology which is being developed for the residential care sector, and PredicAire was delighted to sponsor it.  

In December 2021 FCC published ‘The Residential Care Tech Landscape Review’, written by Dr Peter Bloomfield. The report defined the different areas of residential care provision, and described the types of technology which are functionally deployed in them. The webinar covered the key findings of this research, and heard from tech providers developing solutions for independent living and improved care at home.

The report grouped the technology into 4 main headings: Remote Monitoring, Care Management (the biggest group), Assistive, and Workforce mobility.

The key messages of the report are as follows:

  • Residential care technology can improve the lives of residents, and give staff the tools to provide high-quality care.
  • There is an opportunity to use digital technology to develop new interventions or optimise care partnerships.
  • For R&D to be aligned to the needs of the care sector, better demand signalling processes are needed.  
  • There is the opportunity to build on progress and develop incentives for technology development.  
  • The impact of digital technology relies on the users. Access to a widespread digital upskilling programme is required.

The key findings / conclusions from the webinar were:

  • The challenge for technology companies is to be better at designing for and understanding the needs of users in care homes.  
  • The care sector is a market in which the most disruptive technology has yet to happen.
  • Data will be an integral part of emerging technology through Integrated Care Systems.
  • simplify reporting structures so that care home managers are not repeating the same information / tasks.  

PredicAire was delighted to sponsor this interesting and informative event. The findings of the review, and comments from the panellists, align with the vision of PredicAire re-imagining the delivery of care to achieve better outcomes for all stakeholders. Contact us for a demo and find out how PredicAire is revolutionising the use of technology within the social care sector.

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